Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Wolves Only Brand New Blog Site

Hello and welcome to Wolves Only brand new blog site. Wolves Only is a partnership between wildlife photographer Bill Maynard and myself Michael Cummings. I met Bill quite by accident one day during the winter of 2008-2009. I was driving in a neighbourhood that was known for some excellent bird life. As I was leaving the area I saw a fellow photographer off to the side of a main road taking photographs of a Red Tailed Hawk flying in a field. Being the person I am I just had to stop and talk to this fellow. After talking shop for a period of time Bill asked if I wanted to go out looking for the Great Gray Owls that were reported to be outside of Ottawa that winter. I had been looking for them for a week or so, but Bill seemed to have better information about their present location. So off we went and while we were looking on the area Bill said they had been seen a motorist stopped and asked what we were looking for, we said the Gray Owls. He said they were about 200 feet just over the small hill further up the road we were on. So up we went and there it was the most amazing Owl I had ever seen. The photograph on the right is one of the shots I took that evening. I was absolutely amazed how calm and regal this huge owl was. Doing some research and talking to birders who have knowledge of these birds say that they do not fear humans because they do not see very many people where they normally live up north.

So how does this relate to Wolves Only. Well Bill and I have now been getting together to get some photography outings when time permits both of us and we can match our schedules. One of our favourite photographic subjects are wolves. While wolves and dogs share some common characteristics they are not the same animal. When you come into the presence of either an Arctic Wolf or a Timber Wolf you know you are not seeing just a dog. There is an aura of majesty about them that is just not found in the domestic dog. There is a sense of an old soul when your eyes meet for even the briefest moment in time. 

Bill and I created this blog and our website Wolvesonly.com to share with you our love of these animals. We have tried to capture their essence and being in our photographs. In this blog we will bring you information about wolves from fact to fiction, information on our photographic tours we will be offering starting in the near future and information on how and where to purchase wolf prints and other wolf merchandise we sell through our Wolvesonly.com website.

Please check back regularly for new blog entries.
Thank you. 
Michael Cummings


  1. Louise - Justice for Wolves7 February 2012 at 09:45

    great site - amazing work. Wolves need all the help they can get. Thank you for posting such arresting images of wolves and for letting the world know about the issues they face resulting from unfounded fear, ingrained bias and hate. Wolves are magnificent.

  2. Hey "Wolf Man"! I am glad I checked this site. One of the titles in my wildlife picture book series called MY LITTLE BOOKS is about Timber Wolves.